Introduction to Bahtyah Society

Listen to Our Audio Introduction and Download Transcript.

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Morals & Ethics

Learn the the Ways of Yahweh, History of the Israelites, Torah Laws and How to Be Virtuous. Access Member Only Articles and Lessons and/ or Take Online Courses. You have the opportunity to become an Emissary upon successful complication of required courses.

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Skills & Business

The Proverbs 31 Woman was a Business Woman. She was “Chaayil” in Hebrew, which doesn’t mean Virtuous, but STRENGTH, ABILITY, MIGHTY, EFFICIENCY, WEALTH & FORCE!  She took action, organized, created opportunity, directed her employee’s (servants), sold her merchandise, invested in real estate, & made sure everyone in her house was fed & clothed. She dignified herself.

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YHWH‘s laws are governmental.  Eventually, you should consider being sovereign from the other nations & enter back into your covenant with Yah.  Ambassadress Bayadwa from the House of Aharon is available for those interested in expatriating from the nations & repatriating back into the Kingdom of Yah of Hosts. * International Lawyer courses also available from B’nai Yah Al / House of Aharon.

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Join us

We are Helping Women to be Virtuous, Entrepreneurs & Sovereign.

Become a Member and Access Member Only Contents, Learn of Yah through Convenient  Online Courses, Become an Emissary, Learn How to Start a Business, Network with other Bahtyah Business Minded Members, Expatriate from the Nations & Be Sovereign by Joining Yah’s Kingdom a Sovereign Nation.

Torah Laws

The Torah laws are Yah's Governmental Laws for his people. Which include Commandments, Statutes & Judgments. This is the covenant his people agreed to keep & be set-apart (holy) as he is.

Prophets & Prophesies

Learn the 101 about prophets & why we even have them. Learn of the many prophesies in the scriptures & the prophets sent by YHWH.

Scripture Topics

You may be surprised to learn there is a scripture verse for almost every topic you can think of. There is nothing new under the sun. If you need a scripture; search our scripture topics.

Join us

Join us or Visit our Events Calender page to listen to a join a virtual class.

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